Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Well folks, I'm back once again!

As stated in my last blog entry, I was indeed working on a new cover, and here it is!

I've discovered, that the further away the camera is from you, the harder it is for youtube to randomly select an atrocious snapshot for you to choose from!

Anyways, on to more important things.  I am fortunate enough to have had a friend of mine from High School (I know!  Friends!  I'm shocked too.) ask me to perform for an event coming up that will help raise money for a film that her brother is working on.  I guess she saw some of my videos up on youtube, and asked if I would participate.  So that's good news!  I won't deny the fact that I'm terrified.  

If you ask me to sing for something, that's no big deal.  I've been doing that since I was 3 years old for crowds.  Playing piano?  Live for the first time?  It's a bit nerve wrecking, and most can hear the mistakes I make as one finger accidentally slips onto the wrong key at various points throughout most of my videos!  I made a deal with myself though.  This year, I'm taking chances.  It's not enough to sit in my own head and "wish" and "dream", about the things I want.  I have to "do".  

All these thoughts, ideas, etc, need action.  

So...this is another leap on my list of "do's".  Here is a flyer advertising the show coming up in a few weeks:

It'll just be me, my piano, the covers I have put up on youtube, and my plans to debut an original song that I had been working on.  

For the original, I had written the lyrics quite some time ago.  I remember I thought I had music, I remember sitting at my piano...then I remember nothing at all.  In other words, I always start writing music, then I forget it.  All.  It's incredibly frustrating.  Well about 2 weeks ago, a melody started coming to me.  Then I flipped back in my little "notebook of lyrics with forgotten melodies", and it fit perfectly.  I'm proud to say the melody won't leave me.  I keep playing it over and over, and nearly forgot about the ET-Katy Perry cover, that I posted tonight, because completing this song is all I can think about.  I have high hopes that I will finish in's hoping!

Have a good night, and here's some good music:

Au Revoir.