Thursday, September 13, 2012

I can't seem to get it through your head, that I'll always love you.

I'm baaaaaack!  

Sorry for not posting last week, I just started going back to school, so things are CRAZY!  I'm literally running and am busy from sun up to sun down now, so I really have to work to find some extra time to keep up my project here!

Anyways, the song I decided to sing this week is called "Something of an End" by My Brightest Diamond.  I first heard this song via my google tv on a special app that we have called (very similar to pandora).  As soon as this song came on, I was entranced.  The instrumentals were beautiful, and the variation and melody changes through out made me fall in love.  Shara (singer) has amazing vocals that are filled with so much passion.  She is truly talented, and most definitely deserves more recognition.  

So that video up there = my attempt.  

On another note, I said above how I've been so busy.  I've also gotten a job fairly recently.  I think I said this before.  I work at a library.  I love it.  I make no money, but being able to walk around for hours in silence is pure bliss.  Believe it or not, but I love to sit and think.  That's it, just to think.  Well obviously, when you work in a library, you come across many interesting books.  My favorite section would have to be up in the non-fiction section, but mostly the area where there are books of people who have worked towards fame.  Classic movie stars like Audrey Hepburn and Bette Davis.  Writing about their life, fame, etc.  Every time I stock books for that section, I sneak and take a little time to peek through the books.  Letting my daydreams flood my mind, and getting completely lost.  With every single book I stock, I look at every Author's name, and if they have a picture of themselves on the book.  I feel like this helps me get to know them on a more personal level, and I fantasize about who they were before becoming recognized.  I wonder if they were just like me, in a small library, stocking books, with little money, and big dreams.  I wonder what their doubts and fears were.  I know they're only human, not some super being, but we all get the idea that once someone is a "celebrity" they're no longer like us.  Then I wonder, when I accomplish my dreams, will someone look at me and think the same thing?  Could I become an inspiration to someone??  I certainly hope so.  I really do.  Right now what I see for my future is one big brick wall.  For a little over a  year now, my brain has been thrown for a loop.  I used to be so sure of everything!  Not anymore.  That luxury is far from gone.  When I try to consider career options, the ONLY thing that comes to mind is my artistic abilities.  I need to use them.  When and how that will happen, that is my brick wall.


On another note, as part of one of my speech credits for school, I am taking an Acting class.  I love it.  It's actually incredibly hard in the sense that it pushes you out of your comfort zone.  I, for example, do not like making eye contact with people.  Can I tell you how many times I have had to stare into some strangers eyes and make note of all their facial features while being anywhere from 1 to 3 feet away from them??  IT'S AWKWARD!  It's also good for me.  I enjoy being pushed and challenged.  I think it's important to keep evolving yourself, rather than sit in a rut.  We also got to choose monologues.  I of course chose the "rough around the edges" taxi drivin' woman from the Brooklyn, who is 30.  Yay for getting to use a Brooklyn accent!  My mama would be so proud ;-)

~Au Revoir~

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