Friday, November 30, 2012

Mowgli's Road

Thankfully THAT'S over! 

That cold/sore throat I complained about last post, came back with a vengeance!  All I could think of, was to start singing, "Smelly caaaat, Smelly Cat.  What are they feeding youuuu?".  Yes.  That is a Friends reference.  

Growing up, I had a dad, who would literally tape every single episode.  Now when I say "tape", I mean the old fashioned VCR, with an actual video tape.  None of this DVR, and burning to DVD's nonsense.  Nope, good ol' fashioned.  If you search my dad's belongings, I am just sure, you will find BOXES of Video tapes with every Friends episode...along with some George Micheal's performances...don't ask.  I try not to, myself.

Well anyways, one of the most memorable episodes for me, is when Phoebe gets a cold.  She still has to sing for her gig's at the coffee shop, so cold or not, she goes on.  Instead of being horrified at her sound, she's actually thrilled!  This "cold", has given her a "sexy" singing voice.  The Smelly Cat song I referenced above, is the song she sings.  It's great, they make a video for it and everything.  Now I"m beginning to feel nostalgic...I think I may need to re-watch the entire series again...

To spare you all from having to hear my "sexy" voice, I just waited it out.  I DID make a video in fact, but I couldn't bring myself to post it.  It was just far below the standard of what I'm willing to post.  Along with "squeaks" on some of the higher notes of the song.  Not good.

Well here is the version I finally was happy enough with, and hopefully you'll be too.  Enjoy, and Au Revoir!