Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election and a Monologue.

Happy Election Day!

Hopefully everyone got out and voted today, you may not think your opinion makes a difference, but it does.  It's almost electrifying watching the number of votes flash up on our screens, and you know millions of people in America are all anxiously awaiting.  Then you realize that you are a piece of that puzzle that helped make this all happen.  When they announced Obama as the winner, you saw the screen flood with tears, joy, and confetti.  I was never big into politics, and for the most part, I remain "mum".  This election was very undecided for me.  We'll call it a circle if I may, and say that half of that would belong to the beliefs of a republican candidate, and the other half to democrat.  Quite frankly I just can't sign my name over to one party.  I have very religious beliefs, but I also believe in supporting the working man.  Congratulations to President Obama on his re-election.

Either way, can I just say, THANK GOD THIS ELECTION IS OVER!  If there's one thing I hate, it's all the bitchy Ads putting the opponent down.  The last thing I want to deal with...ever...is something that resembles a bitchy teenage girl who is putting another girl who is probably equally pretty (if not more) down, just to make herself feel better, and in some phony attempt tries to raise her self-esteem.

So Thank you God...I have made it through this election.

Now if I can just hold off a little longer while a lot of angry Republicans start flipping their lids all over every social network....

(because "Arrested Development" happens to be one of my favorite shows...)

On a completely different note, below I have posted a video of me doing a monologue.  This monologue is the latest piece assigned to me for my Acting class.  Have some mercy on me, this is "Acting 1", and the character is very out there, and mentally ill.  So just so no one is alarmed, I don't start off talking in the beginning of the video like normal.  I just go right into the piece, and talk afterwards.  The play that this monologue is taken from is called, "Getting Out".  In my (the character) youth, I was referred to as "Arlie".  She was a prostitute, and lived a rough life with her pimp Carl.  Who unbeknownst, to him, impregnated Arlie, and of course her child was taken from her.  When thrown in jail, she's still wild, violent, and doesn't have a problem inflicting harm on someone.  She was abused by her father, and had a negligent mother who was in denial.  Well a chaplain starts visiting Arlie, and helps her find her way to getting saved.  After taking drastic measures herself (as you'll find out what that was exactly in the monologue), she rids herself of "Arlie", and goes by her full name "Arlene". From there on out, she tries to live a changed life, all while being tempted to go back to her old ways, and longing for who she really is.  So Arlene is completely torn.  

I will say, I loved this play.  I had a week to read it, and read the whole thing within' a few hours.  I still don't feel like I do Arlene's character justice.  When I think of the perfect person to resemble Arlene, I think of Lindsay Pulsipher, who plays Crystal Norris in True Blood.  Just look up some clips...you'll see why.

(In the video I mentioned that I did not post this on my youtube, turns out the blogger.com won't let me upload my video directly.  So I will upload it to youtube, then share to my blog.  It will be "unlisted", so only people given the link can view it.  Aka, you guys!)

Buenas Noches!

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