Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Well dearies, I'm back, and I HAD to be, because it is Halloween after all!  

I succeeded in completing all costumes, and managed to get a video done on top of it.  I'm very psyched to show you what my kids and I sported for Halloween this year!

Here is my youngest as Tinkerbell!

My oldest as Princess Zelda!

Both of my girls :-)

All of us together!

The back of my costume

Iconic pose for American McGee's, Alice.

That adorable little baby is my niece!  My sister made that hilarious and beautiful costume that she is sporting.  Better yet, we're kind of coordinating!  Fortunately, she let me keep my head!

 You wonder why I'm an adult who likes to dress up?....Well that's my mom!  Who is Trinity from The Matrix.

Once trick-or-treating is complete...time to eat!

I had so much fun in my costume, I'll probably be that crazy person who wears their costume at random points of the year...just because.  I love the challenge, because each year, I'm forced to achieve different techniques, and various styles that I'm not familiar with.  So yay for me!

I of course had to get a video up on youtube as well.  I originally wanted to make this song a full-on cover.  I wanted to do the piano part for it, but if I make you all wait for that, it'll be at least another week.  Therefore, it's just me singing along to the background music.  As always the quality isn't great, but once again, you'll get the gist.

Have fun watching me geek out over being "Alice" for a night ;-)

Hasta Luego, and Happy Halloween!


  1. Happy Halloween! The costumes look great!

  2. Happy (belated) Halloween to you! Thank you very much!