Monday, October 15, 2012

Takin' a break!

If you know me personally at all....then you'll know why.  

Normally, in this chilly month of October, parents have taken their children to select stores, to pick out their costumes for Halloween!  Voila!  No stress!  No worries!  Everything is done for you.

We are not that "normal" household.  

During the month of October I go into what some would call a "Costume-making frenzy".  Basically, I forget about that thing called "eating".  My house looks like it exploded, and fabric is everywhere.  Also, coffee is my best friend.

Ohhh Rachel, you only have two kids!  That can't be THAT bad!  Well guess what??  Rachel likes to wear costumes too!!  *now you see it don't you?  I've lost my mind...*

On that note, I'm proud to announce that I'm going to be my favorite obsession:

Yep, dark and twisted, "American McGee's Alice".  I am so thrilled you have no idea.  

My oldest will be her video game obsession:

Princess Zelda!

My husband is going to be "Link", which is also his video game obsession as well.  

See a theme here?  Video games of course.

My youngest however, is being Tinkerbell, because she really IS a real-life Tinkerbell!  Not the modernized version, no sir.  The "classic" Tinkerbell.

So I'm very excited.  As always there will be pictures once completed.  The best thing of all, is that all the fabric for all of these, only cost $38, as opposed to spending that on each costume.  For a family of 4, that's pretty awesome!  Thank God for coupons...

So as I was saying.  This week, and potentially next week, no music for me.  At least I won't be making any.   For all of you now know that my "perfectionist, OCD, no perception of time self" will be drowning in fabric.  Hopefully I'll make it out alive!  

Might as well leave you with some good music!

Hasta Luego!

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