Monday, October 22, 2012

In the midst of my "break"....

So I thought I'd clue people in on the progress of my costumes!  

The good news, is that I'm done with the girls' costumes.  The..."iffy" news, is that I'm going to try and get mine done in two nights.  We'll see.  

So here is my youngest as Tinkerbell:

Since I'm a freak for having things look..."exact", rather than having the wing straps showing, and even straps for the dress, I took some nude fabric, and made it into a long sleeve shirt, then attached the green dress I made to it.   

We were originally going to use the darker blue wings...but then my youngest got a hole in it :-/.  Sooo, fortunately, it made a nice frame, for other fabric, minus the hole!  

Here she is!  Note, that this isn't the finished product.  She won't be wearing those leggings.  I'll be sure to put up official pics when we get our "trick-or-treat" on!

The back side.

Now, here is my older daughters costume!  Much more elaborate, and admittedly, there are some parts that are "off-center", which drives me insane, but I ran out of fabric, and was running low on sleep and sanity.  

Princess Zelda!  (From Oracle of Time)  The gloves, and belt are on chair to the side.

and yes.  I made the armor as well, thanks to cardboard, a "card stock-like" paper (from junk mail!  haha), some spray paint, and hot glue, which gives it that 3D effect with the swirls, etc.  

Back side.

It all started as this!

So there you have it!  I wasn't being lazy all these days,  promise!  

Nowwww off to do mine.  

Take a listen to some good music!

Au Revoir!

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