Thursday, October 4, 2012

Seven Devils all around you...

Can I just say....Thank God I finally finished this song!!!!!  Not sure if anyone remembers how far back I posted that I would start working on this song...but it's been quite some time.  

Anyways, here she is.  My cover of "Seven Devils" by Florence + The Machine.

Next week I will be posting a tutorial of how I played this song for the piano part.  I must say, of all covers, this one was difficult.  

Why did my finger just touch key "D" when it should've been "C"!!! 

 I spent 2 hours last night, and over an hour tonight just trying to get this darn video recorded with not so many errors.  Are there still some mistakes?  Yes.  Right before the last take, which is the video you see above, I *sighed* and looked into the camera and said, "Rachel.  You are going to do this.  This is what you want, and you will not stop until you get the take you want.  You want to do this professionally, and one day you will perform for millions of people, and you will change lives.  So this is it.  This time you will get the take you want.  Now go and do you understand?", followed by my imaginary *boom*, which is an imaginary punch that I do at the object that I defeat.  Which is what I did when I clicked the mouse to hit the "record" button.  You know what?  It worked.  I played that song.  The power and intensity in me came alive.  My voice came out stronger, and my fingers felt as if they couldn't move fast enough.  I had that adrenaline, and I did it.  Thank God.  

I use my little "boom fist" for many things.  I guess it's almost like a "fist pump", but a regular jab aiming at the object.  It's like a little reminder of whatever obstacle it was that I defeated.  For instance, a new hobby I've taken on is running.  I kid you not when I say I couldn't even run a mile.  Am I fat?  No.  Just out of shape, horribly so, and it's pathetic.  Well, I've been working at it, and I've gotten myself up to two miles with no problem at all.  In fact, I wanted to KEEP going, but had to get home.  

So when I'm running, I do the "boom fist", at whatever object I couldn't run to before, and I punch at it, and something about that is empowering.  There was this bench at a nearby park, that took everything I had to run to.  I was out of breath and felt like I was dying.  Well the next time I run, I get past it, so I boom fist it.  Do it.  I know it sounds lame, but try it.  It's like knocking out the competition that you've been training to beat, and it's a good feeling.

I thought I'd leave you with some good music that only reminds me of my trip to Mississippi last year, because I bought this CD on my way down there, and did nothing but listen to it the entire way.  Absolutely love this song, and the entire CD.


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