Monday, January 14, 2013

That's what the water gave me...

Well Hello there folks!  

This week I'm going to put 2 videos in this post.  Last week I felt like death, due to strep throat AND whatever it is that everyone in Wisconsin has.  Some sort of cough, headache, aching...thing.  I still decided to make a video.  It was painful. 

This week, still not great, but light years from where I was at. 

Here is THIS weeks vid:

What the Water Gave Me - Florence + The Machine cover

and this is LAST WEEKS video:

Heaven (Myon Remix) - Jes cover

You'll just have to "grin and bear it" with me OK!

Tomorrow is the start of a new semester for me.  I'm terrified.  Why, you ask?  Well, I'm going up a level in Music theory, and also taking a Government class.  Does anyone know how much politics/the government interest me?  Not at all.  That's the answer.  Sadly so, because I should really be following it all, but I'm going to be flat out honest, I don't.  I feel like a terrible human being for it too.  Which is one reason why I decided to take "American National Government", because all those years in elementary school, high school, and up until now, I snoozed through it all.  I also have a terrible memory, so I don't retain most of what I'm taught.  Which is the other reason for me being terrified about my Music Theory class.  Due to a schedule conflict, I couldn't take it last semester.  So I'm afraid that what I learned last Spring is all forgotten.  Sucks.  Needless to say I'll just need to push through.  

I love music very much, but Music Theory tends to be very mathematical...can you guess my worst subject in school?  MATH!  So someone like myself has to work extra hard to grasp the concepts.  In other words...this semester will be hell-ish.  I. am. terrified.  Either way, wish me luck!  

This post is short and sweet, because I'm off to do online homework!!  Don't be too jealous!

Hasta Luego!

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