Friday, January 25, 2013

This is what makes us girls....

Aaaaaand here is this weeks newest video.  I decided to sing, "This is what makes us girls" by Lana Del Rey.  

This is just another fun and catchy song.  I never really had a group of "girl friends" growing up.  With the exception of very few (who are also very similar to myself in our ways of thinking on this topic) females, I have never been able to really relate to girls my age.  It may just be the way I grew up, with my only friend being my brother, who is only a year and a half older than me.  We moved most every year when I was younger, so I didn't attach to people the way most do. When it was time to move I never shed any tears.  It was just routine, and I remember every last goodbye was just a, "well..bye." and I walked away and never game them a second thought. 

The time came when my family decided to leave Illinois (yes that's where I'm from) and migrate up to Wisconsin.  We moved to a little suburb, and we've been here ever since.  Since this wasn't part of routine, I think it really threw me off.  Everyone knows everyone here.  I hate it.  It's also very embarrassing when you see someone who knows you, and you have absolutely no clue who they are!  I guess my mind just regurgitates that sort of information, since that wasn't something I had to remember during the entire foundation of my existence.  One funny example.  My teacher in my new Music Theory class likes to put people in groups (eek!).  Now I had a good thing going.  There was one kid who also sits by himself, near me, and we just kinda look at each other, and that's word enough for us to know, "sure, I'll work with you".  We stick strictly to the assignment, and when we're done we both go back to our own heads sitting in silence staring forward, and that's OK! teacher threw a curve at me.  He had us mix it up, so we had to get to know "new people".  Well I had to work with 2 new guys!  One very very very talkative.....I mean very talkative.  Not only do the words just consistently flow out of his mouth, they LOUDLY and consistently flow out of his mouth!  Fortunately the other kid in my group was quiet like me.  He also seemed a bit alienated by the other that was comforting to me.  Well after class the quiet new kid sees me in the hall and yells out, "Nice to meet you Rachel!".  To which I reply, "Oh, nice to meet you too!".  I swear to you, the next 10 minutes I spent scrambling whatever was left of my memories from that class period searching for that kids name.  It's days later now, and I still have no clue what that kids name was, and we all introduced ourselves.  I mean, how weird does that look?  This kid literally tells me his name 20 minutes prior to this encounter, and I'm thinking I should ask what his name is again???  Poor kid.  I always hope people don't get offended by the fact that I never remember them.  I honestly try.  

Well anyways, when I'm listening to this song, "This is what makes us girls", I can always see the scenarios she's describing so vividly, and I think to myself, "I wonder what it would have been like to be that way when I was young?".  I was just a quiet teen whose only crime was not always being where I said I was.  Wherever I was though, I was always the "moral backbone" of my friends.  I never drank a sip of alcohol, never took a drag of a cigarette, nothing.  No drugs, nada.  I was about as clean as they came.  I only "looked" like a bad teen according to many.  Just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover.  When I listen to Lana's song though, I can't help but wonder.  "Man, I wonder what it would've felt like to steal police cars...and run off with senior guys...and do all those stereotypical things that rebellious teenagers do!?".  Something I had not experienced, and no, I have no regrets.  I just tend to analyze every detail of life ;-)

Well I'll leave you with that.  Au Revoir!


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