Friday, February 1, 2013

There's a drumming sound inside my head...

The Drumming Song - Florence + The Machine Cover

Gee, am I doing the Chicken Dance?  A Frankenstein trying to scare off intruders?  Just another lovely still chosen as the thumbnail for my latest video.  Trust me...this was the lesser of evils.  

So this week has been interesting.  Work, school, homework, kids, husband.  All categories are high in demand.  I will say though, a major achievement on my part was finding the trick to getting my kids to not only clean their room as I had directed, but they went above and beyond what I expected!  Both my girls decided to organize all the shelving units within' their room, including their shoe rack.  To some, this may not be a big thing, but for me, I was over the moon!  Basically my one rule, is if you don't have your room clean, you sleep with the door shut.  Now some kids always sleep like this, but my kids absolutely hate it.  So they've been doing a great job at picking their toys up before bed.  Well the other night, and without my asking, they went further and organized.  Which led to the reward of getting to have the hallway light on as well.  Again, to some, this may be nothing at all.  For my kids though, this was a great achievement, and I was so proud that they did more than expected.  Now if only I could get the husband to do the same...kidding...well kind of.

I've learned, that in my new Music theory class, that I am possibly the dumbest student in there.  There are kids in there that will just blurt out definitions to words like....I forget exactly, but "Allegrato giocoso"???  At least I think that's the term.  Then the students who can pinpoint the foundation of the style of music being in the "baroque" era.  Yeah, these questions get asked, and this is me:

Not cool.  Made the Dean's List last semester, and I'm just going to take a shot and say that probably won't happen this semester. 

By the way, has anyone seen Trailer Park Boys?  If not, you should, it's hilarious.

Well, there is more homework that needs attention, so I must be getting that done.  Haven't had much time to  practice the piano portion of the song I want to cover by Lana Del Rey, but soon enough!  I also am planning on a monologue that will require the assistance from the only man I'm ever around husband!  Ha!  This should go well...


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