Monday, May 27, 2013

Tell me I'm your National Anthem...

Well folks, looks like I'm finally able to post in my blog again.  Due to something I'm not sure of, I kept trying to click to post a new blog entry...and for whatever reason my internet refused to go to the "post a new entry" page.  Fortunately things are back up and running! 

Well, for months, I had been working on Lana Del Rey's, "National Anthem", as I had mentioned before.  For me things like this are a long process.  A very long...tedious process.  Not to mention how long it takes to get a full shot where I make no mistakes.  Admittedly I finally settled, and put up a video that has a few errors that hopefully for the most part go unnoticed.  They do, however, completely irk me, and I just don't watch the video, ha ha.  It came down to me trying to not be a nuisance and have my husband closed off in our bedroom for hours (Yes..literally hours) while I was trying to get a shot I found acceptable.  

This is what I finally ended up with:

Lana Del Rey's "National Anthem" cover.  Performed by Raquelashakti

I could go over the process of how I begin to create and finally decide I've completed a song, but we'd be here all day.  Also, it's nothing genius.  

I had a lot of fun with this song.  Even when there were parts that made me want to throw something through the window because my inexperienced fingers kept screwing up, I still had fun.  I also changed what I was playing a million times.  My favorite part is the bridge.  That is the one part where I feel I really added "my touch", and the final part that I had changed just the week before.  It didn't feel right until I fixed that part.  

One thing that I must announce, is that this video is my very first video featuring my new piano!  Yippee!!!  The husband had me pick it out for my birthday.  I nearly cried when I received it.  I feel like a spoiled brat saying that I just couldn't "work" with the old keyboard I used to have.  Everything I did on it, just didn't feel complete.  When I would go and use my mom's upright piano at her house though, the inspiration was just...there.  I'm not sure if that makes any sense, but for some reason, that's just how I work.  Fortunately, this new piano stirs up the same inspirations, and I genuinely enjoy playing again.  It also helps that the keys are weighted, and that all 88 keys are there!  It's really a feeling I can't explain.  I thought I had my next cover planned, but once I finished "National Anthem", I sat down, and immediately started playing a song I had never tried playing, and hadn't listened to in such a long time.  Going by memory, I was pretty sure I was playing the right notes.  Of course me, doubting my terrible terrible memory.  I go to put the song on, and lo' and behold for once my memory had not betrayed me.  Oddly enough I had the notes in the exact key as the original recording.  So I am excited to say that I now have a new little project on my hands (hee hee..a pun). 

Of course I never like to announce before hand.  So once again, you all will have to wait until I am finished, and the video is posted.  

I'm always one to leave things as a "surprise".  :-)

Au Revoir!

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