Sunday, July 14, 2013


So I get some alone time to myself tonight.  Which as many may know, is a very wonderful and cherished thing.

I'm currently taking a break from darting around in my own mind.  Which, yes folks, that means, a new project is underway.

The other night out of curiosity and sheer boredom, I was scrolling through the latest titles on Netflix.  Now, I see this Katy Perry, Part of Me, movie up.  Naturally, I roll my eyes, and let out one of my infamous *sighs*.  Most would never find me giving Ms. Perry's music the time of day.  It was however, 2:30 in the morning, and for some reason, I couldn't get to sleep.  Me being me, and needing some background noise figured, "well...maybe this'll put me to sleep."  

Now while I will say...this movie certainly wasn't noted for its depth.  I did, however, connect.  I even *teared up* a bit.  I come to find, that she had been signed to multiple labels (she started out as a Christian music artist!), and dropped from most.  Very few believed in her, and one person took the initiative and willingness to believe in her, and now, well it's Katy Perry.  Most anyone who has internet or a television know who she is.  Point is, is that here's a young woman.  She's failed many times at being recognized or taken seriously as a true artist/performer, and now she's everywhere.  All because she knew, this is what she was destined for.  

My other point?  Is that I was born to love, live, and breathe performing.  To this day, no matter how much I doubt myself, I know my purpose in life.  Now matter how much the world tells me, "Your goals are unrealistic, and very few could achieve", and a part of me starts to believe it.  The idea in my head still won't shake.  I won't apologize. 

To see someone like her, fail fail fail, achieve!  It gave me hope.  

So as a hint, yes, it has to do with one of her songs.  I won't say which one of course.  

All I can say, is that it will most certainly have my twist on it.  I just sit down at my piano, and my fingers start moving, and I can already hear the melody in my head.  It's all a matter of building from bare bones to something more...complete.

In light of beautiful melodies, Here is a musician that nearly brings me to tears with his melodies.  Listen and enjoy.

(the track is pretty new, so there is no youtube for it yet)

Au Revoir.

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