Saturday, November 9, 2013

I know there's better Brothers, but you're the only one that's mine.

Didn't think I went anywhere did ya? 
Due to some inconveniences, I no longer have internet at home.  So I'm now in the dark ages.  Which also means I have to be a bit more resourceful when updating my blog/youtube videos. 
For my latest cover, I chose "Brother" by Murder by Death.  This is just one of those infectious songs that you have to sing along to, because trust me, it gets stuck in your head (check out the original version). 
I still remember being a young and hopeful, yet gloomy teenager, and seeing Murder By Death live for the first time.  I of course was inspired by Sarah, the female Cellist.  She's up there in a group of men, just entranced by the music.  I see a lot of females in groups like this who try too hard to stand out, who try to be sexy, or try too hard to seem "Bad Ass".  With Sarah, she seemed as an equal.  She's part of the band, just as much as every other person up on that stage, regardless of looks and gender.  I appreciated her subtle yet commanding performance.  Not to mention she absolutely shreds that cello. 
This is quite a ways back when they were touring with their CD, Who Will Survive, and What will be left of them? To this day, that is still my most favorite album.  It's hard to believe that it has now been a decade since I first discovered them!  I owe my gratitude to my brother for really opening my eyes up to all sorts of genres of music, and really pushing me into all sorts of unique directions.  I would say that I could dedicate this song to my brother, but the song isn't exactly...err...flattering to ones' brother.
~Brother - Murder by Death cover performed by Raquelashakti~
For the next cover?  I'm actually awaiting one that will hopefully speak to me.  If there's one thing I learned while doing this.  It's that I need to "let it happen".  I normally think of a handful of songs, print the lyrics, light a candle, sit at my piano, and something just comes out.  One thing that I don't ever want to do again is trying to learn tabs or music for the exact song melody.  By nature, I can mimic well, but where is the creativity in that?  I only keep the lyrics exact, and try to keep the original "spirit" alive in the song.  (Did I lose ya yet??)  Hence the reason I put my own "twist" on the songs I perform.  Much more fun that way! 
Anyways, here's the original version:
Au Revoir!

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