Monday, February 8, 2010


My voice is back to normal! Now when singing, my higher notes don't sound like a wounded cat. was that bad. Plenty of projects for this week. I'm hoping to accomplish these 3 things in 1 week.

-Help design/make a purse with my daughter Jade.
-Finally sing, "Be Italian" from NINE.
-Make my dress for Valentines day!

So those are my goals for this week!

I'm trying to plan things to make this year go by faster. In November, we're going to Disney World..that's right. Disney World. I can't tell you how insanely excited I am for this! I'm seriously as bad as a child. I can't sleep at night, I can't stop thinking about it. It just can't come fast enough! I'M SO EXCITED! This time, we'll be there for a week!
Why are you going in November you ask? Because we're going the week of my daughters birthday. It's a surprise too, and I'm so excited to surprise her. When we're boarding the plane, I'm just going to say, "we're going on a trip Jade!" I'm just so happy that I can give her this. I really am. I love my mom, with all my heart, and I wouldn't change my childhood for anything. My mom struggled though. She had an absent/abusive husband. She went from being a housewife, to getting 3 full-time jobs in order to support us. There's no way she could have afforded, or even had been able to get the time off to take us out on fancy vacations. I just have to thank the Lord, because he has blessed us so much. He blessed me with a good husband, and 2 amazing children. We're not rich, but we have what we need, and I thank God for that. My mom did literally everything she could for us, and that woman deserves to live in a house made of pure gold, for everything that she has done for us. I hope that one day, I can do the same for her. I love you mama!

So back to my Florida "itinerary". We will be there, 7 days and 6 nights. We'll be staying in some of the Disney World Resort Hotels, and the parks we plan to visit: The Magic Kingdom (of course), Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot. It's going to be so fun! We'll also be sure to go to Downtown Disney, and some beaches. We're thinking Cocoa Beach. I think that one is the closest to Orlando? My husband wants to go Shark Fishing! Crazy right? The man is afraid of sharks. That's just so how he is though. He loves to face his fears head-on. I love that about him :-) I love lots of things about him, but his ability to just overcome whatever he wants, is one of the most appealing things to me.

Well enough of my jabbering. Adios!

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