Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What's your addiction?

My addiction? One word. Shopping. I've decided that I need to stop buying everything I want. It's like I have this horrible "need" to get whatever it is that pleases my eye, but once I swipe my debit card the guilt washes over me, and I no longer get the rush I used to get when buying that cute shirt that I've had my eye on for awhile now.
It's all a mental game really. The mind is so much more powerful than we give it credit for. I can tell myself something everyday until I really start to believe it. So when I'm walking through a store, and I see something nice? I play it down. I tell myself, "it's only fabric. It'd only be an impulse buy. I don't need it. etc etc." So far, it's been working. My family and I are planning to buy a house, and when we do get that house. We'll need to have some $$$ saved. We'll be paying property taxes. We'll be fixing things up....and the funny thing is, is that I'm scared. You see with renting, it's no strings attached really. The outside? Mowed and shoveled by the landlords. When I want to move, I just say "Adios!" when my lease is up, and I'm out. With a house? You're tied down. Even when you've put so much money into it, updated the appliances. There's a good chance no one will want to buy it. That part is hard for me. When it came to my husband, I was ready to commit, but with a chunk of land and a house perched on it...I just can't. Sounds a bit backwards, but yes, I'm a commitment-phobe with settling down into a house.
My husband has been wanting to buy a house. So I'm putting my fears aside, and I'm just riding with it. It normally takes me a while to accept change when everything was going well in the first place.
So this is the reasoning for me to quit spending like I have. More money to be spent, more bills to pay...ohhh the joys of being an adult.

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