Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fear and Loathing

I promise.  I'll keep tonight's post short!

I rambled a bit yesterday about random things.  I did mention in my last post, however, about how I was "due" for putting a video up this week on youtube.  So I did.  Or more accurately, I am.  In the meantime I'm sitting here stuffing my face with stale marshmallows (the best!) until my video finishes uploading.  

This weeks video is called "Fear and Loathing" by Marina and the Diamonds.  I bet at least someone out there is wondering if I'm just going to do her whole album.  I guess the more I read Marina's lyrics, the more I feel like we're the same person inside.  In this song, she says the things that have always been on my mind, but wasn't quite sure how to say.  

I mean, down to the very detail of feeling like I have multiple people in my head (I swear...I'm not schizo), the different facades that I put on for different people, and wondering which person in me is most "like-able".    Also interestingly enough she talks about wanting to feel like she's "floating".  I've said this so much over the years, mostly floating in water though.  That feeling that you get when you're doing so, is what is really being referenced here.  So a part of me wonders if Marina is my...mental soulmate???  Or...mental twin?  I have no idea what you would call it.  Either way, she's great, and I love how she really wants people to understand her.  There's frustration in trying to make people see you for what you really are, and to have them fully understand.  It normally never happens.  I'm glad she's putting her feelings out there though.  

Ugh, I need to stop eating my marshmallows now...I'm beginning to feel sick.  

Anyways, here's that video.  Check it out, and please subscribe to my channel.  Trust me when I say, it'd mean the world to me!  

Guten Nacht.

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