Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's not about the money, money, money

(Me singing "Price tag" by Jessie J)

I'll admit it.  I was scared I wouldn't get a video up this week!  

Fear not! For I have done so!  
(as you can already see above)

This week I have chosen Jessie J's "Price Tag".  Which is a more upbeat song with a good message.  I know, I know...not very normal for me, huh?  I myself prefer more melancholy music, but there are times where I take a break from that, and pick something more uplifting.  

Wanna hear my near death experience for today?  

Many may not believe this, but today, for the first time...I mowed an entire yard!  haha.  Which brings me to the near death experience.  This yard is on a lake, and it's also quite hill-y.  Well my perfectionist self just couldn't stand the extra blades of grass standing tall against the neighbors fence.  So I went forward along it, and didn't get close enough.  So in my head I think...well just put it in reverse!  So I do, which backs me up to the lake down a little hill.  No I wasn't trying to go down the hill part.  The riding mower however, didn't give me much choice.  I tried to push the brake, but the mower kept backing up, and I come to the realization that the mower and I are going into the lake if I don't do something.  Well I keep pushing the brake, and I grab and hold to that neighbors fence for my dear life.  I manage to stop the mower, but I'm still holding strong, and the mower makes a "POP!".  So while straddling this darn thing, holding to the fence, and then trying to maneuver my hand to reach the stick to put it in neutral I have family members come running like hell!  hahaha I can only wonder what they were thinking, seeing this small girl on a huge riding mower, holding onto a fence while keeping a probably 400 lb. mower in place!  

I'm sure it was a sight.

So on a plus, accomplished mowing a lawn...but almost died!  haha  Oh well, still here, still breathing, and still making videos!  Enjoy!

Au Revoir!

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