Monday, December 21, 2009

Such a faceted personality..ies?

Back at work.

So I decided to take some pics, I often get bored, and decide to play dress-up and take fun pictures. Some times I'm still that 4 year old girl who dresses up in a zillion different outfits, and prances around in front of the mirror modeling them. Some things just never seem to change. I'm still such a dreamer. From as long as I can remember, I could be content just sitting in one spot dreaming about what I would one day become. Now I'm at the point of getting anxious and even though I'm young, I feel my door will close if I don't act quick. I remember when I was 12, and I was already singing for peoples' weddings, and my dad kept pressuring me to write songs, and get a record deal. He just would not get off of it. You'll have to understand, my dad would have only done this for one thing. He could be my "manager", and therefore reap the benefit. So in response to all of his pressure, I stopped. I refused to sing for him. It drove me nuts. Call me spiteful, but even at the age of 12, I knew when I was being used. Now everything I do, is kept quiet from him. When I "make it", he'll most likely find out by seeing me on the tv screen. Ohhh papi... what to do with you?

So anyways, here is a video of me singing. I'm also playing the piano to it, but I'm not a world class piano player, in fact, only beginner. I'm singing "What Child is This?". I only felt it to be appropriate for the Season. Merry Christmas.

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