Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years everyone!

Well, holy crap. 2009 is basically over. As of midnight tonight, it will officially be 2010. It just amazes me really. I mean how the heck did the year go by so fast?
So is anyone else planning their "new years resolutions"? I need to lose 15 pounds. That's about it. I hate saying, "I will stay off chocolate for 6 months!". I mean come on! Why torture yourself? haha. I don't think a New Years resolution should be a punishment, just a goal I suppose. A realistic one that you KNOW you won't fall back on. Or one that really benefits you. I should also say that I will "try" to exercise more. I'll be honest, I need to. I just got done with a 10 day dance bootcamp thing basically. Towards the middle of it, I could barely move my arms. However, last night was the last class for me. In a strange way, I was very sad that it was over. I do miss looking forward to having to go to an hour dance everyday. So I'll have to make some sort of goal to get my behind off the couch, and doing some form of exercise. Anyone with me?

So my next goal. I've put up 1 video on youtube so far. Nothing spectacular. Just me singing "What Child is This?" My next project. I want to sing a few tracks from, "NINE" (musical). The tracks? "My Husband makes Movies", "Take it all", and "Be Italian". I would also like to do the choreography for it, but I'm waiting for clips of the actual film to watch so I can see how they dance, then learn it, and do it. So it'd be a full on show!

Here's hoping!

Happy New Year all!

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