Monday, January 4, 2010

you have to conquer the small town first before you move onto bigger scarier places

Some people are just downright evil.

I'm sure most anyone in their life has been picked on by someone, but what makes certain individuals targets everywhere they go? What about them says, "Hey! I'm vulnerable, come pick on me!"

I consider myself, a fairly nice person. I don't pick on people. I actually try to stand up for the people that are getting picked on and don't deserve it. However, when I walk in a room, I guess people think I'm scary? Mind you, I'm 5'3, and quite petite. I'm just confident. I like myself. No, not in a vain way. I just accept myself for who I am. I accept that person looking back at me in the mirror. I am the way God had intended me to be. I can't say he's always thrilled with my behavior, but as far as how I look, etc. This is how I'm supposed to be, and I accept that.
For some reason people are either scared or intimidated by me. Yes, if you want, I can dish out a nice sarcastic comment. Really though, please don't mess with me. I am known to be rather sassy, and to not take any bull whatsoever.

That is one type of person. The person who is confident, and does not take garbage.

Then there's the mean person, that really is...just garbage.

I will never understand this person. They pick on the weak to make themselves feel better. I will NEVER get this process. I have a friend who is a bit younger, and is currently dealing with some terrible rumors. Three people have targeted her. Not sure why, they used to be her friends, and now they've turned on her. I've told my friend, Be strong! Don't listen to them! Don't show weakness! However, she is not wired in the confident, I don't give a F&$@ what you say mentality. She is the nice little girl that wants everyone to be happy, and to love her. I wish the world was this way sweety, I really do. Unfortunately, people are just evil. Not all of them, but a good majority.

I also never understood rumors. Why do people love to hear it? Why do people love to start something that they know is completely false to begin with??? Don't they know that there are some individuals who will actually go to the source to get confirmation if the rumor is true or not? Don't they feel like a fool when everyone has found out that they lied? ugh, so many ridiculous people out there.

I guess this is one of many reasons why I have very little for friends, and stick mainly to family. I don't like dealing with the unecessary drama. I don't want to hear your gossip. I just want people to get lives, get some self-esteem, and stop wasting their time drowning themselves in other peoples lives.


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