Monday, June 11, 2012

It's been decided.

So I'm putting myself on a schedule. Not just any schedule, a MUSIC schedule! Yippee! I'm from here out vowing to get a song on each week. Now what I was doing in the past, is working on piano covers, which with the way I do it, because it's by ear, is a pretty lengthy process. Well have no fear, I'll still be doing piano covers. The difference ladies and gents, is that in the meantime, I'll be singing to instrumentals online in the meantime, and posting them then. I'm sure most know this, but I was never formally trained in...well any instrument! So trying to play the piano, while singing is actually a great challenge for me. So it's not only figuring out the notes to songs (because I do it purely by ear, no sheet music)I also have to practice enough to where I'm comfortable enough playing while singing to it...Have you ever done the "Patting your belly while rubbing your head, or vice versa"? That's how it ALWAYS feels at first. So in the meantime, I'm coming up with my next set of songs. *Drumroll please* My next "singing only" song, will be "Milk" by Garbage. My next piano cover, will be "Seven Devils" by Florence + The Machine. So sometime this week, I will be getting "Milk" up for you all, and I'll be sporting my best Shirley Manson look for it as well. Another thing I am wanting to change is the appearance of my videos. In my opinion, blah. I know the main point is to showcase your talent, but I feel I have other talents as well. I like to perform, and take a more creative approach to things. Whether it be as simple as candlelight, or my favorite idea so far, making bird cage-like contraption to sit in while performing...I'd rather show than explain all the details of the situation. Either way, I love unique, and that's what I'm striving for with my videos. I'm very excited to be reaching my full potential, and to share my ideas and passion with the world. Write soon!

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