Thursday, June 7, 2012

So here's a little something I did while being on my hiatus from blogging!

I figured I'd post this for you all. I earlier posted about my obsession with the video game "Alice: Madness Returns". Well here's another game that I love, Mortal Kombat! My most favorite character is Jade. Of course, the green eyes, the black hair..yet again! So as an ode to another one of my favorites, I had myself, and my children (yes that's right children) be characters from Mortal Kombat. Some may find this first born is named "Jade", and my 2nd daughter is named Melena....sound familiar? Well, if you've played the game then you'll get it right away. As a child my brother and I played Mortal Kombat all the time. I of course was always Jade. I liked Mileena too, so once they introduced her to the game, I alternated between the two. At that young age of say...8 or 9, I decided I would name my first daughter Jade. I stuck with it ever since, obviously. I have no regrets either, I love my daughters names! They have the fierce personalities to match too! So Halloween came around, and I was like, "alright...we're all being characters from Mortal Kombat." Jade was up for it immediately...however, she didn't want to "Jade"...she wanted to be "Kitana". Which is fine, but you'd think she would've wanted to be the one with the same name! Melena was Mileena, and since Jade is my favorite character anyways, I decided to be her ;-) I worked tirelessly for weeks making their costumes, and yes, every bit that you see on them aside for the leggings and boots, was made by me. I'm pretty proud of the results though. I made mine last, and was still putting things on myself going out the door, so it doesn't look as good as it should, or as good as the girls, but I still did it! yay for green eyes! Oh and note to all, these are obviously a more covered up version. The kitana costume and Mileena costumes are also their "alternate" costume from the most recent MK game.

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