Friday, June 22, 2012

Well I said I'd have that video up Thursday night...

So I'm a bit late. Is that a shock?? If you know me, probably not. Granted it's 3:27 on Friday morning, and I still haven't gone to bed yet, but it does still feel like Thursday night to me! I finally (thank the Lord!) finished recording the song that was "Oh-so-secret". I decided to sing to "Obedear" by Purity Ring. Love love love this song. That pic I took of myself in the last blog entry, was me with a pile of hangers in my hand, that I stretched out, and made into the cage-like thing you will see in my video. It didn't quite have the effect that I was going for, but you'll get my drift. Cheers! (here's the link to my vid!)

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