Monday, June 4, 2012

What to doooo, oh what to do.

So if many of you do not know. I have a youtube channel, where I go by "Raquelashakti", a long time nick name that just stuck with me ;-) Well I do covers every now and then, and I guess I'm having..."cover" block? haha, instead of writers block. I most recently did "Zombie" by Natalia Kills. Now I just don't know which song to choose from. For me, it can be difficult, only having a basic keyboard to play on...and no other instruments! The songs that I love have a fairly complex sound, and so many unique instruments. To recreate it using a low-quality keyboard, just seems unfair to the song itself! Nonetheless, I will still keep using my keyboard, because it is, in fact, better than nothing. So onto my question..what song should I cover next? Well, the Cure cover done by Bat for Lashes, A Forest (for invisible children) really sticks out to me right now. Natasha Khan did such a great job covering this song, and the instrumental in itself is amazing. If I could be musically responsible for this song...I would love it! So Kudos to Natasha :-) I also think it would be interesting to cover some old Garbage song. I love Shirley Manson, when I was little, she was the woman I idolized. Between her and Gwen Stefani, I find them responsible for the type of nearly feminist, doing things my own way, and on my own type of person that I am! My mother is also responsible though ;-) I feel they have given me that extra "edge" though. Oh decisions, decisions! If anyone is out there and reading this...tell me what you think!

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