Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No light, No light

A chandelier to the head anyone? No? Ok, just thought I'd ask. 

 Well my weekly goal, is once again accomplished. Tonight I posted a video of me singing, "No light, No light" by none other than Florence + The Machine. Don't worry that chandelier isn't for nothing, that's the lucky piece I got to feature in my video. As stated in one of my earlier blogs, I hated my other videos. They're bland, and I need to feel like I'm doing something creative. So lo' and behold, I now do some odd scenery, or at least some different type of lighting for God's sake. 

 Here's the link, check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoZ13c_Ro-U&feature=g-upl

For those of you who don't know me well, I love me some Florence.  I'd love to get into her head, and based on the  two albums she has out, we've gone through a lot of the same garbage to say the least.  Once again, if you've read some of my past blogs...you'd understand.  I sense Florence is a quiet soul as well, but with a voice that you wouldn't expect to come out of her frail frame.  Love her.  

Anyone else out there ever get choked up when they see someone who has accomplished their dreams of performing?  Am I the only one here?  I think my favorite thing to do, is to visualize the artist as a young child who wondered where they'd be when they grew up.  Did they imagine all these amazing things they've accomplished?  Could they even fathom such a thing?  Did they even know if that was the route that they wanted to take yet?  For me, I always knew what I wanted to do.  Fortunately for me, both my parents were always incredibly supportive.  To me it's foreign, those parents that tell their children, that a "career in music" is not realistic.  I'm so glad I have the family that I did.  

I was a little girl once.  I had, and still have, the biggest dreams in the world.  I hope that one day someone can read about me.  See me accomplish my goals, and through that I can inspire them.  Even someone who comes from nothing, can achieve their wildest dreams.  
Au Revoir!

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