Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another wonderful summer night :-)

While the rest of Wisconsin seems to be in Madison.  Trying to fight the crowds of the "ever-so-popular" event, "Rhythm and Booms", I get to quietly, once again, sit out on my deck.  Looking at the sky, enjoying the silence.  With a hint of music of course ;-) 

 I think it's important that I share my love of music with you.  Not just any music either.  I dig.  I think the world needs to be made aware of the unique beautiful music that's really out there.  You just have to look for it. No...I'm not referring to the likes of Rihanna...or Katy Perry.  I'll give them props for catchy tunes, and I'll admit to singing along to them at times.  There is always something missing though.  They don't touch me.  I don't stop dead in my tracks when I hear a melody of their song. That internal light doesn't go off saying, "You need to find out who this is".  

Don't worry, I'm not going to list off a page of artists.  Rather I'm going to little by little give a song here and there.  

I came across this little gem not too long ago, while oddly enough watching a TV show called "Revenge".  After hearing some great songs that I had already loved on the show, I was sold anyways.  I'm also always very astonished when I hear bands that are more underground on very mainstream channels.  In this case ABC.  So the video I posted, is a cover done by the Silver Swans, called "Anyone's Ghost".  It was one of those songs where it got me.  Immediately.  On TV shows, they show snippets, but after hearing a small glimpse, I had to find out what this song was.  I hope you'll enjoy as much as I do.  

On another note.  I'm still working on my cover for "Seven Devils" originally by Florence + The Machine.  I'm very excited about getting it done, and showing the world!  

I'll be back next week with my newest video, and to bring you more wonderful music.


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