Wednesday, July 18, 2012


There ya have it folks!  This weeks video is "Rootless" by Marina and the Diamonds.  

I love this song specifically because I can relate to the lyrics.  I love the music too of course, but still it's even funny to see someone who's beautiful and successful...only to find out, they too also feel like an outcast.  Or that they just don't feel they belong.  There was a post on Google+ a few days ago, that asked:  "What would be the theme song to your life?".  I responded to it saying, "There's no way one song could sum up my life."  While that is true, I would say that "Rootless" comes close.  

I was born and raised in Illinois, then at the age of 11/12, I was moved up to Wisconsin.  I had some friends, and horribly enough, I never felt like "me" with any of them.  I never felt fully comfortable.  Even as a child, you know before you feel those pressures to do what's "cool", wear what's "right", and be happily oblivious.  I never had that comfort.  My life has been one big act that "everything is OK", and "I'm normal".  Which just backfired, and resulted in a lack of friends, and people staring at me weird when I was trying to talk.  Also getting made fun of.  

Even in high school, I joined the ever-so-popular Dance Team.  I didn't do this for popularity, I did this because I loved to dance, and popularity was not a concern for me.  Even being in that group, I still sat on the side, and no one talked to me.  Yep.  Guess I must've had a second head growing on the side of my face?  *shrugs*

This is in no way whining.  Trust me.  I am actually very grateful for my life.  While I would watch those girls talking, I would see the pressure, the pathetic attempts to either outdo, or please each other.  Maybe that was my problem.  I just didn't want any part in that.  As much as I would even try acting that way...I just couldn't.  

Anyways, back to my main point.  You see Marina, and you think, yep, good-looking.  Her life must be easy.  In this song the way she describes how she's feeling, it's like she's got nothing.  No place she belongs. Her lyrics sum up how I feel, and it's pretty cool to know that such a normal-looking, pretty, very successful person feels just like me.  


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