Monday, July 9, 2012

Doubling it up!

Apologies for last week.  I didn't get a video up!  

Which means this week it'll be double the fun!  The Holiday and birthdays made for a very busy week that left me with no "alone time" to do projects.  I was asked by another youtube user, to do a tutorial of my cover for "Twice" by Little Dragon.  So that will be my first one up this week.  I was thinking of doing a Jessie J song as my other song for this week.  Reservations?  Jessie J can be hella difficult.  Her range is incredible to say the least.  She owns it too.  Jessie J seems like "one of the guys".  Which appeals to me naturally.  I've read that she spends hours each day working on her voice to improve it.  I would love that.  The things I'd love most to invest in, would be a vocal coach, and piano teacher.  My mom taught me a bit growing up, but I want to go...deeper. 

 It seems to get thrown at me all the time, "when you were little, you were SUCH a natural.  These other people trained, and you were either right behind them or beat practice required."  Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  Holy crap...I never...tried.  Which is what I feel has put me behind other people now that I'm as old as I am.  I look at "Jessie J", and she's younger than me, not by much, but still, she didn't "start" at where she is now.  She worked to get where she is, and she's accomplished so much.  

In other words...I NEED TO GET TO WORK!

Here is my video o' the week.  Enjoy!

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