Monday, July 16, 2012

What has the world come to?

Alright.  So this is a completely random topic.  I also never ever touch the subject of weight, because I hate it.  Growing up I had influences that expressed very negative body image, which lead to me looking down on myself growing up.  No, I never had an eating disorder.  In fact, I've always loved food, and most importantly..I'm a lover of bread.  There is nothing that can ever stop that for me.  It wasn't until I grew to be in my older teens that I quit the "Poor me" act, and accepted my body for how it was.  No, I'm also not fat, and never have been.  I don't think the body is a garbage disposal, I think we should take care of it.  Eat our fruits and veggies, proteins...just look at the food pyramid, and that's my belief system!  (although admittedly...I go a bit heavier on the carbs, hee hee)

Either way, this article comes out, and I'm shocked.  

I click on it, and I see this gorgeous, envy worthy, hot girl.  She's got curve, is well-endowed, and a nice flat tummy.  The title had "fat shaming" in it, well I had no idea what was going on.  Or who was "fat" or whatever.  So I read, and blogs like "Skinny Gossip" is bashing on this girl...saying:

"Because if we’re to believe the truly motivating, encouraging words of the anonymous, “thinspirational” blogger behind a website called Skinny Gossip, Upton looks “thick, vulgar, almost pornographic” (assuming these are negative physical qualities? I think I know a few men and women who would gladly ogle a body fitting that criteria). Upton appears “lazy,” and “lardy,” has “huge thighs, NO waist, big fat floppy boobs, terrible body definition,” and “looks like a squishy brick” (which is a comparison that perhaps stretches the appropriate boundaries of proper simile usage). She’s likened to both a cow and a pig and the post itself is titled “Kate Upton is Well-Marbled.”

I'm sorry....WHAT?!  You're kidding me right?!!???!!!!!!  This was just the woman, that even had me as a straight woman saying "Dayum!"

Then I see that she's said to look like a "squishy brick".  Let me be blunt here and say that these people need to shut the fuck up!  My guess is that the writer of that blog is some skeletal, flat chested bitch, with a low self esteem.  Obviously.  

I apologize for the swearing, I normally try to refrain, but when I'm mad, it just comes out.  People need to take care of themselves, and celebrate their beautiful bodies for the way that God made them.  Not starve ourselves.  I think we can teach our younger generations, boys and girls, to love themselves.  To take care of themselves, and focus more of what's going on inside, rather than how we appear on the surface.  To love themselves for the bodies God gave them, instead of striving to be like someone else.  

That is all.  Good Day.

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