Sunday, June 17, 2012

Project 1...done!

And thank God for that! Seems like every night I've had someone over this week, making me fear that I would not be able to accomplish my goal of putting up one video each week! I wait until night time to attempt recording any of my videos. I have the most privacy, and it's most quiet at that time, so it's really the only good time. Anyways, so this weeks goal was to get "Milk" by Garbage up on youtube. Mission Accomplished! Check it out here: Now quite obviously, I don't have "Seven Devils" by Florence + The Machine done on piano yet, so that means next week is another Karaoke style. But what? Giving myself some time to think on that one. I of course love "No light, No light" by Florence as well. Then another part of me feels that I need to branch off to kind of show the world what other music I'm into. Perhaps some Bat for Lashes? Bjork? Oh Land??? Guess you'll have to see ;-) Cheers.

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